Book Release Function on 18th Jan 2015

INVITATION TO ALL from Dr. Shantaram Kane
020-2567 2833 / 6160 or 9850 880 493
A Book Release Function or PRINT version of my two books described below:

Date and Time: Sunday, 18th Jan. 2015 at 5 00 PM.

Chief Guest: Dr.Bhushan Patwardhan, PhD, FAMS
Professor & Director, Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences
Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune


Synerzip Softech India Pvt.Ltd.; 3rd Floor, Revolution Mall,

Above Big Bazaar, Near City Pride Multiplex, Kothrud, Pune-411038

Price: Print Copy @ Rs 500 each ; E-book @ Rs.399 in India and 9;99 US $ abroad.

Download on kindle from (SEARCH for Shantaram Kane)

What are these books about?

A ‘Do It yourself’ option for Affordable Healthcare, Applicable to Human Health, Crop Health and Veterinary Health at Extremely Affordable Prices.

As many of you know, I am a chemical engineer (B.Tech. IIT Bombay, and PhD. – MIT, USA) and worked in senior functional levels in Chemical R&D from 1971 to 1997. In 1983, I was introduced to Ayurveda and have been applying my research background to conduct personal investigations in Ayurveda. Since 1997, these investigations in Ayurveda have been a full time endeavor. My personal investigations have been supplemented by my work as an Adjunct Professor of Chemical Engineering at IIT Bombay (2001-2013) conducting research on Bhasma and Homeopathy.
My research has resulted in the invention of a novel process technology to make super-active extracts from any natural product. I have also developed novel methods of application for their use in Human, Crop and Veterinary field. I hold three Indian patents on this technology.

Ayurveda – Concepts and their Evolution – Curiosity-Driven Explorations – Volume I: E-Book – published February 22, 2014

Book Description: This book is Volume I of a two part series on curiosity driven explorations. This book introduces the reader to the ancient story of sustained curiosity-driven explorations approach of our ancestors and how this led to a vast treasure trove of knowledge in the form of Ayurveda.

The narrative discusses important key areas such as:

  • Language of Ayurveda
  • Evolution of Dravyagunavidnyan – i.e. properties of all natural products
  • Evolution of process Technology – Decoctions, Asava, Arishta, Siddha-tailam/ghrutam, and Bhasma
  • Evolution of poly-herbal formulations
  • Evolution of food Technology and diet and lifestyle guidelines
  • Discussion of special claims and products in the context of modern science
  • How to continue with curiosity-driven exploration in the 21st Century

From Herbal Oil Extracts to Affordable Healthcare – Curiosity-Driven Explorations – Volume II: E-Book published on March 21, 2014

Book Description: This book is Volume II of a two part series on curiosity driven explorations. This book describes my personal story of sustained curiosity-driven explorations starting from a hobby of Ayurveda and how they led to a series of breakthroughs. The book explains the simple user-friendly and extremely affordable kitchen technology, how to make these super-active extracts, the properties of a variety of extracts and their combinations, and how they can be used for preventive, curative and restorative health for Humans, Crops and in Veterinary science.

The narrative discusses several key areas such as:

  • Literature about innovators and their attributes
  • Invention of the first super-extract and exploration of its use for humans
  • Extension of its use for animals, birds and crops
  • Evolution of super-extracts and combinations from all natural products
  • Integration with Homeopathy and Chakra / Su Jok
  • Technology details, quality control, precautions during preparation and use
  • Affordable healthcare model
  • An appeal to join a propagation movement.

Note: A few vaidyas and also a few individuals – five – have downloaded the book and have started making their own super-extracts. Do join them!
My Diet Books – both English (Rs. 300) and Marathi Edition (Rs. 400) – will also be available at the venue.

Diet and Lifestyle for health in the 21st Century: A Self- empowerment Guide: – Paperback – published 2011.

Book Description: While conducting my research I noticed the effect food intake and lifestyle have on health. This book is derived from those observations and empowers the reader to effectively plan food intake and lifestyle. The book provides extensive information on many topics, and explains with examples how this information may be used in a stepwise manner to develop your own quantitative diet plan.

The narration will introduce the reader to the simple common sense ideas of

  • Compiling information
  • Making and using simple tables to see a number of things at a glance
  • Simple, easy to follow, methods of calculation and estimation
  • A quantitative approach in diet planning
  • A holistic approach which looks at both what to do and what not to do

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