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t is very gratifying to find a Vaidya who is vigorously and successfully using the super-extracts with superior results even in cases which are not supposed to have any cure.

He is also one who continually follows : Curiosity Driven Exploration” as a creed.
My friend, Dharam Vir Punwani, forwarded a mail to me sometime in Sept 2013 and we eventually made contact in February 2014.
Dharam, I thank you very much.

If any of you can help find a few more Vaidyas who have an open mind, please let me know

via email-

Date: Date: Thu, Jan 22, 2015
Dear Dr Kane,

It was great pleasure to attend the book release function. These books & the meticulous work behind it, is going to serve humanity for very long time. Any medical faculty practitioner / common people — if open minded for new things – can be benefited by your detailed work. In spite of exploring this method & owning patent for it – still you are keeping doors open for every one interested — is rare to see in this materialistic world. I hereby want to express my gratitude towards you for sharing everything with me so openly, without holding back any secrets. You are a gem to have as a friend.

I hereby take this opportunity to share my findings on use of super extract oils in treatment of various conditions. You can share it with like minded people.

After getting interested in super extract procedure & seeing results from oils purchased from you — I wanted to to give it a try. So, in about 6 months – we prepared super extracts — 140 + is the score …. from single herb, group of herbs, metal, bhasma, ghana, kshar, Ayurvedic standard combinations like Bruhad Vat Chintamani Ras, Vasant Kusumakar ras, Ashtamurti rasayana, Jaimangal Ras , Swarna Brahmi ras etc.

I tried them on patients along with my medicines in various forms — as oral drops,, as nasal drops, as ear drops, topical applications, wound dressing, cosmetic applications — in variety of conditions —results were amazing. Patients were responding much faster to treatment regimes & results were assured , hence reducing treatment durations.

It is not limited to be used as first aid kit — for cough, cold, diarrhoea, headache,cuts & bruises, etc. A whole new world has opened to explore further …

Few conditions of interest where in I have tried super extract oils with success are Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer, Systemic Lupus Erythmatosis, Crohn’s disease, parkinsonism, Alziemer, Epilepsy, Ulcerative Colitis, Lichen Planus, Insomnia, Depression, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Degenerative changes in spine, Arthritis, Hypothyroidism, Vitiligo, ……….the list is un ending. If you have noticed many in the list are irreversible conditions as per modern science — they have responded & are better clinically.

Few memories to share
* My SLE patient had lost vision due to her illness & it was irreversible as per modern science.she has got 80% vision back in about 3 months time. Her ANA TEST has become normal. Hospital doctors have never seen SLE case getting reversed. She is totally fine now with no complaints.

* Multiple Sclerosis patient — because of our Rx — is off all allopathic medicines, her swelling & stiffness disappeared, weight reduced, complexion & hair improved, can work the whole day, cook for 6 people @ home , climb 2 -3 stairs without problem. In short, she is leading almost normal life

* 14 months old child was having 40-50 seizures everyday & was vegetative. Now, started rolling, holding back, eye to eye contact, expresses emotions, seizures nil per day . we are reducing anticonvulsant gradually now ….

* cancer patient — tobacco chewer – had betel nut size tumour in mouth. Luckily, he was poor & didn’t have money to pay hospital bills… so he took Ayurvedic treatment with us. In 15 days, tumour resolved. After 5 months, CT scan confirmed absence of tumour & no metastasis

* 80 year old lady — beginning of Alziemer — lost memory, urine & stool control, had hardly appetite, movements redeuced — after 5 months of treatment – loses urine control hardly once a day, gets up, walks, energetic, talks with people around & memory 90% ok

* A lady suffering from Crohn’s disease from 6 years — worsening day by day — got totally cured in 12 months treatment

With super extract oils — success ratio in treatment has improved from 65 – 70 % to almost 90 %, confidence level is too high ……

My sincere thanks to our Modern Charak- you Dr Kane for your immense valuable gift to medical science & humanity
warm regards
Dr Haresh Trivedi

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