Untitled-1Dr. S.G. Kane is a Chemical Engineer by training. He earned a B. Tech. from IIT Bombay in 1965 with the top rank in his department. He attended graduate school at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he earned a S.M. in 1967 and a Sc.D in 1971.

During his career he worked at senior and functional levels in R&D and Technology at various Petrochemicals, Fibres, Agrochemicals and Fine Chemicals companies. Dr. Kane commenced his career with Amoco Chemicals in the United States in 1971.  He returned to India in 1977 where he first worked at Gharda Chemicals near Mumbai and then with Swadeshi Polytex in Ghaziabad.  In 1981 Dr. Kane joined NOCIL (a joint venture with Royal Dutch/Shell) to establish its R&D facility and retired as Vice President R&D in 1997.

IIT Bombay awarded Dr. Kane the Distinguished Alumnus Award in1983 and the Distinguished Service Award in 1999.  He was the first President of IIT Bombay Alumni Association – Pune Chapter (2004-05) and has been the Innovator Selection Panel Coordinator for the annual Innovations Showcasing Conference in Pune since its inception in 2007.

During his employment with NOCIL Dr. Kane was a Visiting Professor of Chemical Engineering and later a Visiting Professor in the Dept of Oils and Fats at the Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai.  Since 2001 Dr. Kane has been an Adjunct Prof of Chemical Engineering at IIT Bombay where he has helped initiate research in Ayurvedic Bhasma and Homeopathy products to establish their structure  and bioactivity. The IIT Bombay research group has established the presence of nanoparticles of starting materials even in the extremely high potency homeopathic medicines.

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Dr. Kane was introduced to Ayurveda by a prominent Vaidya in Mumbai in 1983.  This introduction and the stories of enormous curiosity driven explorations of Ayurveda sparked his keen interest in the subject.  To his explorations of Ayurveda and its traditional formulations he brought a scientific approach honed during his professional career.  Soon after commencing his Ayurvedic research he had his first Black Swan Event – a major unanticipated process breakthrough.  Expanding on this breakthrough has resulted in a simple universal kitchen process of making oil extracts from any natural product.  These oils work at a dose 100 to 1000 times lower than conventional dosages in all Living Systems – Human, Veterinary and Crops for overall health promotion.  Combined with guidelines for Diet, he has proposed a Universal Affordable Healthcare concept.

Dr. Kane is continuing his own research and hopes to harness the collaborative power of groups and communities of people in a process of continuous innovation to evolve novel and affordable solutions to our problems in all aspects of health.

This website is intended to serve several objectives including:

  1. Explaining in simple language the concepts and the pool of knowledge of Ayurveda and highlight how a process of curiosity driven explorations resulted in the evolution of this ancient science.
  2. Explaining how the ancient and modern knowledge about diet and lifestyle can be used to promote health in the 21st century.
  3. Explaining how the same process of a curiosity driven exploration led to a Disruptive Invention and the evolution of a Model of Affordable Universal Healthcare available to all.
  4. Based on above, discussing how ideas can be generated for future curiosity driven explorations.