Super Extracts – A Modern Story of Curiosity Driven Explorations

This is a personal story of a “Modern Day Curiosity Driven Exploration”. The author got into a personal hobby of Ayurveda in 1983. From the start, he was fascinated by what appeared to him as an “Ancient Story of Curiosity Driven Explorations” which led to a stream of continuous innovations for thousands of years.  He decided to personally try and go through the same process of exploration through which this vast pool of knowledge got created. He started reading, talking to experts and with rising interest, a process of tinkering was initiated. A plant described as “Divya Vanaspati” (Divine Herb) was selected for experimentation. This was converted into an Oil Extract using a modification of the well known ‘Siddhataila” process. This led to the first Black Swan Event – a totally unexpected 1000 fold reduction in herbal dose.

Exploration with this extract was continued for the next 12 years and many more totally unanticipated applications were uncovered.

From 2000 onwards, Oil Extracts have been made from over 100 Natural Products. They are all found to be super-active with a typical daily herbal dose reduction by a factor of 100 to 1000, In addition. This universal simple kitchen technology is found effective universally in all living systems and forms the basis of a “Disruptive Model for Affordable Healthcare”.

The curiosity driven exploration is continuing and is providing a stream of unexpected novel applications.

This website traces the interesting journey of this “Modern Story of Curiosity Driven Explorations”. The author sees a lot of parallels in what has and is happening in his personal quest. In particular, the emphasis of the website will be to bring out the  methods used in developing the knowledge of the dose response of individual oils and combinations  and  the methods used  for the evolution of complex multi-combination  therapy for novel applications.

The Affordable Healthcare Model is also described.

It is hoped that the Reader will find some interesting lessons about how to actively search for Serendipity and develop products and applications for the 21st Century.